June 2022


We are so excited to update you on what’s been happening with the Go & Make initiative. In case you missed any of the weekend messages in the series, you can catch up here. As a church, we’ve been so inspired to see the joy and anticipation that has spread as so many have stepped out in faith and made their pledges. Here’s a quick recap and overview of all the action:

Back on April 23-24, we kickstarted the Go & Make initiative by bringing a portion of our pledges for that whole week. And if you remember, thanks to generous donors, anything given during that week was matched, up to $1.4 million. We’re excited to share that during this Kickstart timeframe, we received a total of $1,001,500 and were able to receive a match for that amount!

Recently, we identified that the Sunburst race would be a great event to partner with our community. We had an amazing opportunity to support our neighbors in South Bend and serve during the 2022 Sunburst Marathon as “Hydration Heroes” on June 4! It was a great chance to show God’s love and care for many.

This new vision is just getting started! We’re so glad you’re on the journey with us.

In April, we hosted a young adult interest meeting for those in the 19-29 stage of life, as well as those interested in serving and supporting them. Over 90 people came together to talk about the vision and next steps for young adult ministry. A group of these young adults also came together at #4Michiana to serve the community.

In April, we sent 30 people (ages 6-76) on a family mission trip to Chicago to serve with Fox Valley Christian Action, where they did outdoor work, moved office furniture and more!

In taking steps towards providing Bibles for special occasions and milestone moments, we gave 24 Bibles out to our graduating seniors at their Senior Night. We also gave 83 Bibles to those who were getting baptized who requested one.