We celebrate Pastor Emeritus, Mark Beeson’s passing to be with Jesus in heaven. Thirty-four years ago, in a Michiana living room, Mark and Sheila Beeson began Granger Community Church. We celebrate and honor their unwavering commitment for over 34 years to the cause of Christ and to seeing the local church continue to be the hope of the world. Mark was an adventurer, pioneer, storyteller and artist whose photographs were just as compelling as his dynamic communication. He was a bold spiritual entrepreneur who invited people to a life of purpose by calling out the God-given potential inside of them. He was also an accomplished scholar, who could relate to people in their comfort zone. The legacy he leaves behind is one of strong faith, dependability, integrity and servant leadership. Mark Beeson was, in so many words, one-of-a-kind. We are so grateful for 34 amazing years of his love and leadership.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done. You matter to God and that means you matter to us. You are of infinite worth. We’re so glad you’re here. Granger Community Church is made up of real people, living real lives, making mistakes, experiencing joy, doing the best we can with what we have, taking our next steps toward Christ and helping others do the same.

Weekly Gathering

Current Series

If you’ve been watching from the sidelines, wondering what it is that you have to add to the experience of being the Church, we hope you’ll consider this weekend series your very personal invitation to take a fresh step in following Jesus. This is your invitation to start from wherever you are, to build a new or more solid relationship with Him. What does that look like? Your heart, your abilities, your life experiences—those are valuable gifts that can make all the difference. For four weeks in March, join us for a series of conversations about how you can take steps to connect in real relationships and be the Church, wherever you are. Currently gathering in-person and online.


We want kids to be where they can learn best, hearing about Jesus in an age-appropriate context that’s engaging, loving and safe—that’s where Granger Kids comes in. Granger Kids is available for newborns-5th grade during all weekend services. The auditorium is a learning environment best suited for students in 6th grade on up. Students also have their own gatherings with Granger Student Ministries (GSM) on Sunday afternoons and evenings at the Granger Campus and Wednesday evenings at the Elkhart Campus during the school year.

Next Steps


We’re all about next steps around here. We encourage you to point your feet in the right direction, take a next step and see what happens. But don’t do it alone! Join with others who will walk with you and be there to help. Wherever we are, inside the walls of the church or out, we’re helping people take their next steps toward Christ…together. Discover your next step.