Our Story

You matter to God and you matter to us. You are of infinite worth. And we’re so glad you’re here. Granger Community Church is made up of real people, living real lives, making mistakes, experiencing joy, doing the best we can with what we have, taking our next steps toward Christ and helping others do the same.

Weekly Gathering


Do you ever find yourself caught in an awkward conversation or a tense moment and wish Jesus was right there to just tell you what to do? When we find ourselves in tense, tricky circumstances, not knowing whether to speak up or shut up—what does He want us to do? How do we get quiet enough in the midst of all the noise of the world’s opinions to listen to what He might be telling us? Is it possible to show real love towards people we disagree with? This March, we’re asking an age-old question that we think goes beyond bracelets and was never meant to be a buzzkill: What would Jesus do?



You can now pre-order your copy of Dr. Ted Bryant’s book, The Jesus Method from the bookstore. The Jesus Method doesn’t tell you what to think or what stance to take. Instead, it gives you a process for navigating the messy middle of truth and love, honesty and self-control while engaging in Jesus’ #1 priority: relationships.

Kids & Students

Our kids and students aren’t the leaders of the church of tomorrow. They’re the church now, today! Granger Kids is available for newborns-5th grade during all weekend services, designed to spark curiosity with fun activities, worship and biblical teaching. The auditorium is a learning environment best suited for students in 6th grade on up. Students also have their own gatherings with Granger Students on Sunday afternoons and evenings at the Granger Campus and Wednesday evenings at the Elkhart Campus during the school year. They will encounter leaders who love Jesus and want to support your student’s next right step.