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The truth is, we won’t be able to accomplish this “Go & Make” vision with our current ministry efforts. We can’t accomplish our vision by only continuing to do the same things we are doing. In order to obey what God has put on our hearts we must do even more. And while we hope to accomplish the initiatives you’ll learn about here, this “Go & Make” journey isn’t about reaching goals and finishing projects.

This vision is built different. This is a heart journey. One relationship at a time.

Go & Make

Next Steps

What does this initiative mean for each of us individually? It means each of us must ask, “What’s my next step, God? Will you actually help me step out in faith to do what You’re asking?” And it requires listening to what God says in return. We want our hearts aligned with His, trusting that He’s guiding each of us to our specific next step. Those steps may look different for everyone, but the collective impact will be undeniable. Over the next two years we’ll be giving to one fund that will not only help us keep current ministries thriving but allow us to expand into new frontiers through the “Go & Make” vision.