By the end of 2020, we will see double-digit growth in engagement in every area of ministry. Ephesians 2:10 – “To do good…”

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• We will be known as the church for the unchurched—a place to make lasting friends; where all are welcome and invited to discover how much they matter to God in the context of a loving community. With confidence, we will ask people to give their lives to Jesus.
• Every core member will have a significant and meaningful ministry and will model servant leadership with us as His disciples.


With passion and intentionality, we will effectively communicate a relevant, uncompromised, biblical message to every unique generation.

• We will speak the language of the people; we will give ourselves to
reading the culture, listening to its needs and relating to its struggles; we
will be innovative and will leverage technology for effective communication. We will reach each generation.
• Recognizing the uniqueness of each generation, we will continue to grow young and champion the cause of inter-generational unity in the family of God.


Jesus Christ will be worshiped at Granger Community Church through a broad expression of the arts. Hearts will be touched, emotions stirred, minds opened and lives forever changed through an excellent and compelling presentation of the arts.

• The irrefutable impact and beauty of the arts at Granger Community Church will lift us out of the status quo and into a passionate pursuit of effective ministry and dynamic communication.
• We will reclaim the arts for God’s glory. Artists will be affirmed, valued and encouraged for ministry within the church.


Through vibrant Bible study, worship and prayer, we will create contagious environments for learning, growing and becoming more like Jesus.

• We will see an ever-growing percentage of Christ-followers regularly gathering for vibrant worship and practical Bible study.
• We will be a praying church, both personally and corporately. Prayer is foundational for every service and ministry across the church. The thread of prayer will be woven through the fabric of our church.
• Identifying and clearly communicating a “track” toward maturity and holiness, we will systematically engage conferences, seminars, studies and training to enable and encourage spiritual growth.
• We will mentor men, women and students to be faithful leaders in the church, in their workplaces and in the community.


Our family will grow until every unconnected person is a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ and is connected in authentic relationships.

• We will be a church united in mission, vision, values and relationships. Our programs and ministry opportunities will help people take their next steps toward transformation through small group relationships. Our small group leaders and coaches will receive top-notch training, support and encouragement.
• We will passionately and intentionally help people discover and use their God-given spiritual gifts and abilities so they can be faithful, fruitful and fulfilled. We will engage the best biblical training and support available.
• Working in the tension between truth and grace, we will leverage our resources to help people stay out of the “ditch.” We will offer grace and assistance to those who have fallen.


Our infrastructure will facilitate ministry and celebrate innovation, passion and excellence in every expression of our radical devotion to Jesus Christ.

• We remain unencumbered by needless bureaucracy that inhibits ministry or innovation. Our structure will facilitate entrepreneurial thinking, planning and mission success.
• Our programs, services and facilities will communicate the importance of “connecting.” Our campuses will be beautiful and will reflect our core values. They will be designed, built and maintained to help people take their next steps.


We will enthusiastically give our resources, experience and giftedness to train and encourage those intent on building prevailing churches.

• Granger Community Church will serve in our community and will make an indisputable impact on our region. We will be a beacon for unity in the Church.
• We will offer opportunities for our people to make an impact around the world.
• We will train pastors and help build prevailing churches to impact our world for Christ.
• We will teach what we have learned and offer resources to inspire, equip and train people to build prevailing churches.