Jan 25 2025

Food Drop


In January we’ll be packing, loading and delivering boxes of food to local food pantries and neighborhoods across Michiana. This effort will support 6,400+ families and is made possible through the generosity of the people of GCC as part of the annual Christmas Offering.


Granger Campus
Elkhart Campus

Download the maps and directions to the different box delivery locations for the Granger Campus and the Elkhart Campus.


Coming again Saturday, January 25, 2025

Meet at your campus at 9 a.m. There will be a short rally in the auditorium to explain the ins and outs of the Food Drop process, how we’ll all work together inside the building (for families with young children there’s the option to color the boxes) and outside in the parking lot, loading food boxes onto delivery trucks. Once you are deployed to help load boxes of food, we combine our efforts until every last box is loaded and then celebrate the departure of the trucks into the community to deliver the food. You can then opt to join in at a delivery site, if you’d like to personally help deliver the food to food pantries and neighborhoods.