Christmas presents us with a new opportunity to live generously. From the beginning, the people of Granger Community Church have given above and beyond their normal gifts towards a special Christmas Offering to celebrate Jesus’ birth and gift of love to all of us.


FOOD DROP. For over 20 years we’ve been feeding hungry people in Michiana at the Food Drop. In 2023 we hope to feed 6,400+ families in ten cities across our region through your gifts. With soaring food prices creating food insecurity for many, the support we can offer to help meet basic needs during the winter season is crucial. You can be part of the action on Saturday, January 28 at 9 a.m. at your campus.

SCHOLARSHIPS. Camps, retreats and engaging environments are hugely impactful in the lives of those taking steps toward Christ. Just this past year, 221 kids and students made first-time commitments to follow Jesus at camp. Your gifts will be an investment in life transformation that can impact a recipient’s friends and family for generations. Did you know that $225 is enough to send a kid to a week of Day Camp on our campuses or that $490 sends a middle schooler to an incredible week of overnight camp? A high schooler can be part of a transformational week of camp for $325. Along with kids and students, we intend to provide financial support to help more adults who are choosing to connect through retreats and events in the coming year.

CAMP MONTH. In 2023, we intend to independently oversee an entire month of customized, excellent camps for those who’ve completed kindergarten through high school seniors. Your gifts will go towards the start-up costs required to provide the staffing, training, equipment and environments that will allow us to lead two weeks of Day Camp, as well as a week of Middle School Camp and High School Camp in the summer. Designed to specifically benefit the kids and students in our community, as well as offer even more kids across Michiana the chance to participate, these life-changing camps will help them experience Jesus in meaningful and powerful ways!

LOCAL MISSIONS. We’re committed to our local community and intend to keep strengthening those connections, one relationship at a time. Did you know we currently own and operate a community center in downtown South Bend? Through the Monroe Circle Community Center (MC3) we offer Jesus’ love in tangible forms, providing over 1,000 meals each month, as well as support, care, training and education. We’re also continuing to expand our reach through quarterly #4Michiana events. As part of our vision to Go & Make*, next year we’re planning to be part of more local events and service projects, to multiply our level of community engagement and impact.

GOAL FOR ENGAGEMENT: 700 families/households participating

VIA TEXT: Text “GIVE” to 574.575.4114.

ENVELOPE: Place your offering in one of the envelopes provided during the service (or get one at Guest Services) and send it in via mail or drop it in the offering box slots on your way in or out.

ADDITIONAL: Consider donating stock or other assets for the tax-free benefits.

* If you made a Go & Make pledge, all your gifts in the Christmas Offering will be credited toward your pledge. If you’ve started attending recently and want more details, find more about the Go & Make initiative.