Director of Spiritual Growth & Development

Ang Bryant

How did you first come to GCC and why did you stay?
Ted and I came to GCC in 2002 when we moved to the area and have stayed ever since because of the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus, the chance to impact Michiana with the Holy Spirit and the intentional teaching for kids and adults in order to help our family flourish for the Kingdom.

What’s one book that has changed you the most? (Besides the Bible.)
Think Differently, Live Differently by Bob Hamp

What inspires you?
Individuals who choose to live intentional lives with abundant joy regardless of crazy hard circumstances.

Favorite season and why?
I love Fall because you get to see God’s creativity in purposeful colors and trusting that He will indeed make all things New again in spring! Plus crunching leaves while I walk is one of my favorite sounds.

What is your role at GCC?
Director of Spiritual Growth & Development