We’re cruising into summer where the days are longer and the warm evenings mean kids can play outside until dark. There will be bonfires, s’mores and camping, porch sitting and popcorn and drippy ice cream cones. Games and swimming and laying in the hammock. Summer is undoubtedly a time for FUN! There’s nothing quite like laughing with good friends until your sides hurt. Nothing like making memories with your family that will last a lifetime. Nothing like knowing that in the midst of it all, God loves you and wants your life to be overflowing with laughter, hope and joy.

For three weeks in July we’ll be celebrating that the best things in life are free: making memories, strengthening relationships and growing our faith. It’s going to be a party every weekend!

Bored isn’t in our vocabulary this summer. Ready for more fun? Try this downloadable list of inexpensive, family activities that you can do together!

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